Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 weeks

11 Weeks
Dear Peanut,
  I had a dream you were here last night peanut.  It felt so real…I just can’t wait to hold you in my arms! You are growing so much. Daddy says you are starting to make me show. He calls you kiddo now and claims you are a boy…how typical! I went shopping this weekend and looked at lots of baby stuff. It almost makes me crazy and impatient for you to get here, but I know it’s best for you to keep growing! I love you peanut. I’m praying you grow up and fall in love with Jesus….can’t wait to tell you about Him!
                                                            Love, Ma


  1. hey shelb! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! it's perfect to remember everything that happens! GOOD for you for doing it! you look great by the way! i'm so excited to see you in two weeks!!

  2. Congrats Shelby!!!!!
    How cute you are baby bump and love the nick name we called Tab peanut too!! Enjoy the ride!!! :) Luv u!