Sunday, March 6, 2011

28 weeks

28 weeks
Dear baby girl,
      You are growin growin growin! It seems like my tummy is getting bigger faster now! It’s getting harder to get up and down and reach my toes! I drank some mountain dew this week and you were moving around like’s probably a good thing I don’t drink caffeine very often! Daddy has been telling you stories every night before we go to bed! He’s already started praying for your future husband…can you believe that? He sure loves you! You move around a lot when you hear his voice!! I think you are going to like him! I got you some tiny flip flops for this summer. They are so cute!! I can’t believe your feet are going to be that small! I can’t wait to meet you!! Keep growing baby girl…almost there!
                                    Love, mommy

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