Tuesday, April 5, 2011

32 weeks

32 weeks
Hey baby girl!!
 We get to meet you soon…hopefully next month!! We are about to get really busy this month with showers, childbirth class, and getting ready for you!! I’m so excited!! I think everyone else is excited to meet you also! I have really enjoyed being pregnant with you…it’s so fun to feel you kick and see that you are growing!! I know that you can recognize songs now…I’ve been playing a song for you everyday and every time you hear it you start moving. I hope it calms you down when I play it when you are here!!  The weather is getting so nice. I’m excited to take you on walks after you are born. I hope you like outside because your daddy doesn’t and I can never get him to go outside with me...maybe you will change his mind!! Love you baby girl…see you soon!!
                                    Love, mommy

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