Sunday, April 17, 2011

34 weeks

34 weeks
Hey baby girl,
 We had a super busy week!! You had your first baby shower on Tuesday. The people I work with got you so many nice things!! We celebrated your daddy’s 22nd birthday on Thursday and I got a little husker cheerleader outfit for you to wear on all the husker game days this fall…your daddy is going to love that!! I got him a pink baseball for him to play catch with you some day!! Then we had childbirth class all day on Saturday!! It made me so excited for you to come!! We watched a video on birth and your daddy said his eyes fell out of his head and ran out of the room screaming! You will have to tease him about that someday!! We have been working on your room more and more….it’s looking so cute!! Can’t wait to see you in it!! Love you baby girl!!
                                          Love, mommy

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