Friday, June 24, 2011

ONE MONTH, one month, Sloane Taylor is one month!!

Things she can do (or just does):

  • she can roll over
  • she smiles in her sleep
  • she chuckles in her sleep (pretty adorable!)
  • she can lift her head up
  • she can make eye contact and can follow
  • she is starting to put her pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out
  • she grunts all the time...especially when she stretches
Things she has accomplished:

  • she went on her first roadtrip to Gma and Gpa Elge's 
  • she went to her first baseball game (Uncle Luke's)
  • she went to visit Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Bill and cousin Judah at camp
  • she went to her first wedding
  • she went on her first shopping trip to the mall
  • she went and watched daddy play baseball
  • she went and watched daddy coach and ref wrestling at camp (and she wasn't bothered by the noise a bit, must be pretty used to it by now:)
  • and hopefully she will go to her first CWS game if Vanderbilt wins today!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo Shoot with Aunt Meagy

The first 2 weeks with Sloane

Going to church

At Uncle Luke's ball game

Sloane has been a good baby so far. At first she had her nights and days mixed up, which made it very hard to get any sleep. Mike and I would be holding a wide awake baby at 3 in the morning thinking what in the world have we got ourselves into! She is doing good now sleeping 3 hours at a time, sometimes longer.

 Sloane and I have been going on walks.  She loves her moby wrap the first time I took her outside in it she just smiled! I’m so glad! We took her to Luke’s ball game the other night and she handled it like a champ! It was pretty warm at the beginning but she slept right through it!

 I’m ready for her to start growing…she is wearing newborn clothes with a lot of them still being to big! It would save a lot of money on laundry, so Sloane should help us out! 

She has been such a blessing to us! It is amazing how it changes your life! I went to Target with her the other day and I don’t think I have ever drove that careful before! I guess that’s a good thing! Mike says he just loves coming home to see her after work! 

Just hanging with mom

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sloane Taylor,
You are finally here!! We got to meet you on the 25th of May after a very long night! You weighed 6lbs 7oz and were 19.5in long. You are absolutely beautiful!! Daddy and I are so happy!! The first time I got to hold you, you just looked into my eyes for the longest time!! So precious!! I just can’t believe how tiny you are…I don’t know how you ever fit inside me! We are so blessed Sloane!! You are truly a gift from God that we don’t deserve!! Love you baby girl!! Can’t wait to make more memories with you!!
                         Love, mommy