Friday, June 10, 2011

The first 2 weeks with Sloane

Going to church

At Uncle Luke's ball game

Sloane has been a good baby so far. At first she had her nights and days mixed up, which made it very hard to get any sleep. Mike and I would be holding a wide awake baby at 3 in the morning thinking what in the world have we got ourselves into! She is doing good now sleeping 3 hours at a time, sometimes longer.

 Sloane and I have been going on walks.  She loves her moby wrap the first time I took her outside in it she just smiled! I’m so glad! We took her to Luke’s ball game the other night and she handled it like a champ! It was pretty warm at the beginning but she slept right through it!

 I’m ready for her to start growing…she is wearing newborn clothes with a lot of them still being to big! It would save a lot of money on laundry, so Sloane should help us out! 

She has been such a blessing to us! It is amazing how it changes your life! I went to Target with her the other day and I don’t think I have ever drove that careful before! I guess that’s a good thing! Mike says he just loves coming home to see her after work! 

Just hanging with mom

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