Friday, June 24, 2011

ONE MONTH, one month, Sloane Taylor is one month!!

Things she can do (or just does):

  • she can roll over
  • she smiles in her sleep
  • she chuckles in her sleep (pretty adorable!)
  • she can lift her head up
  • she can make eye contact and can follow
  • she is starting to put her pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out
  • she grunts all the time...especially when she stretches
Things she has accomplished:

  • she went on her first roadtrip to Gma and Gpa Elge's 
  • she went to her first baseball game (Uncle Luke's)
  • she went to visit Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Bill and cousin Judah at camp
  • she went to her first wedding
  • she went on her first shopping trip to the mall
  • she went and watched daddy play baseball
  • she went and watched daddy coach and ref wrestling at camp (and she wasn't bothered by the noise a bit, must be pretty used to it by now:)
  • and hopefully she will go to her first CWS game if Vanderbilt wins today!

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