Monday, July 25, 2011

Two months young

Sloane is two months!! I can hardly believe that! It has really gone unbelievably fast! We had Sloane’s 2 mo. checkup last week and she was 10.2lbs (40th percentile) and 22.75in. long (72nd percentile).  I feel like she is growing like crazy! We moved up to 0-3 mo. clothes and they are almost to short and size 1 diapers! We have been having so much fun with this little girl lately! She is cooing and smiling like crazy even at 3 in the morning! She is really loving her daddy…she will smile as soon as she sees him.


We had such a good time on my birthday! We started out the day with an awesome breakfast from Mike. He had gotten up before 5 and told me he was going to the gym, but really he ran to the store to get stuff for breakfast! Such a nice surprise!:) Later that day, the fam came and picked me and Sloane up and we went over to their place.  Sloane and I got a ride on dad’s new 4wheeler! Sloaney got her first 4wheeler ride…something that I always loved to do on my birthday and I got to share it with my daughter! Mike and the grandparents came over for ice cream cake later that night! What a great day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cornhusker State Games

4th of July

For Sloane's first 4th of July we went to Gma and Gpa Bokelman's.  Sloaney got to meet her Great Great Grandma Clancy and then we went and watched the parade. Sloane slept through it all.:) Later that night we went over to my parents house and my mom watched Sloane so that me and Mike could go on a fourwheeler ride! It was so nice we got to see at least 4 different fireworks shows and it was a beautiful night...nothing like being in the country!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleepy Sloane

Sloane has been so sleepy today! We went to Arkansas for the weekend to see Meag and Ty and Rome. It was our first long roadtrip with Sloaney and she did great! She slept for over 8 hours last night when we got home...she was so glad to be home again!:) We had such a good weekend! Here's more from the trip: