Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We went on vacation not to long ago to Fort Robinson, which is near Chadron, NE. We had a blast and Sloane did great! It was about a six hour drive and Sloane slept most of the way.  Sloane was outside more than she had been in her life and she loved it. We went on a Jeep ride, took an old time photograph, went swimming, went to a play, went on a few walks, and went on chuck wagon ride up the mountains for breakfast. It was great to spend time with family and Sloane even got to meet more aunts and uncles and a cousin she had never met before.

This is what Sloane thinks of swimming

Sloane experienced her first swim. Well kind of…she got her toes wet and that was about it. Mike’s good friend Luke came down for a visit and to meet Sloane. We all went over to Cottonmill park for a fun afternoon.  The guys swam and played catch and me and Sloane layed out for as long as Sloane would tolerate it.  She was pretty ready to go back into air conditioning after a couple hours.  All in all it was a fun afternoon.