Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

Sloane is 9 months...or was about a month ago. (this is my life now, busy:)

 New things about Sloane:

  • She is in the 70th percentile for height, and the 25th for weight
  • She is wearing 12-18 mo. clothes
  • She has taken up to 5 steps
  • She will climb on anything
  • She will eat anything off the floor, on her highchair, anything anywhere
  • She will give kisses even when you don't ask (open mouth slobbery kisses)
  • She does sooo big, patty cake, bye bye, and if you say sooo tired she will lay her head down
  • She says mama, dada, and Bob (don't know where Bob came from but she says it more than mama)
  • She loves outside! Loves to swing, go on walks, anything outside!
  • She will crawl for the door at turbo speed as soon as it opens, and then we shut it fast and she cries and cries and cries!
I finally have time to update my blog! Can't believe it has been 3 months!! I just completed my first quarter of PTA school, and it has been crazy busy! I'm on spring break this week and I feel like I finally have a chance to catch my breath. Sloane has been changing so fast. I feel like I have already missed out on so much since I've been back in school. It will be worth it someday. Sloane recently started taking a few steps so she will probably be walking soon. Hope to update again this week before life gets crazy again!

Sloane's new expression