Friday, May 24, 2013

Sloane is 2

Sloane Taylor,

Today you are 2 years old. Where has the time gone? I still remember the day you were born such a precious little bundle. Today you are a bold, strong-willed, independent, sensitive, energetic, entertaining, adventurous, active little girl.

You have been through a lot over the last 2 years. I believe God has stretched you as much as us. You have had to learn to be independent and trust Jesus when mommy and daddy aren’t there at an early age. I remember how hard it was putting you in daycare so I could go to class. I would quote “Do not be afraid for God is with you”-Joshua 1:9 before leaving you each day. As long as you had Minnie and blankie then you could tackle anything. You are a sweetheart for that.

I have seen you so aware of others and I love that. I still remember when I was having a hard time waiting for board results and seeing the concern on your sweet little face and you saying to daddy “mommy sad”.

You have started talking like crazy! You call mama and dada Mike and Shelby when you’re sassy. You say excuse me, and thank you. Your first sentence was Mama’s dip dip gagone. You have blown us away how smart you are! You fold your hands and close your eyes to pray. You pray Jesus, thank you for…each and every person in the family.

You love to take pictures. We always find 100s of new pictures on our ipads. We see you making silly faces and clicking rapidly.

Your favorites are Minnie of course, Dora, and Doc Mcstuffins….you love to pretend to be a doctor or physical therapist dressing up and checking temperature on your dollys. Recently, Toy Story has been a favorite. You watch it often and carry Buzz and Woody with you everywhere and sleep with them. You sleep with quite the collection and somehow notice if something is missing…2 puppies, Minnie, blankie, Buzz, Woody, flashlight, and Jesus book (Bible).

You sing songs in church with us, and when you’ve had enough you say, “mama go play” and grab my hand and pull me towards the nursery. You kick off your shoes and coat and go play with the kids. I love your boldness…I believe God is molding you into who He wants you to be and I can see it already.

You are mom and dad’s little buddy. You are laid back and you do everything with us. Including wrestling meets, football games, track meets, baseball games, running, biking and much more. You nap anywhere and trust us to take care of you. 

You love to copy me. You copy me working out…pushups, stretches, or running. When I go for a run you go grab your shoes to run too. You go get Minnie and your stroller to jog behind. You are very particular….you like to be clean and be in clean places.

You have challenged me more and more to be a good example for you. I’m excited to see what year number 3 brings for you. My greatest pride and joy is being your mom, Sloane Taylor.  I thank God for the blessing you are Sloane. Happy 2nd birthday peanut! I love you!


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