Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Track Meet

Last Friday, we got to go watch "Uncle Luke" (Mike's younger bro) at his track meet. He did the hurdles, relay, shot, and discus. He was sooo good and it was super fun:) Sloaney had a ball kickin her soccer ball and running. She would run to the side of the track and shout "ready, set, go." Hope she will be a lil trackster someday! I absolutely love's one of my favorite sports and I was so glad we got to watch Luke. It was all I could do to hold myself back from making a "comeback" and jumping out of the stands, haha. 
"Lukey" as Sloane calls her uncle introduced Sloane to Clif bars and they were a hit!
Sloane being Sloane...entertaining!

We know something is super yummy when Sloane closes her eyes to enjoy:)
Sloane sat down for about 2 seconds all day....only to drink Gatorade. Such a great mama, haha. 

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