Saturday, July 20, 2013

Family Fun

I have been working on making the most of the time we have together. I can tell when Sloane needs mommy time after work each night. We try to do something fun together, even if it’s just drawing with chalk or making supper. She is such a sweetheart. She now says mom go to work, dad go to work, and Sloaney go to Aunt Meagy’s. We love that she goes to Meagan’s; this makes this possible.

 This was a morning towards the end of the week. She hardly ever complains about waking up early.
Last Friday night, we went shopping and then to Coldstone. Sloane asked for ice cream with m&ms the whole way there.  We got hers and then of course she decided she wanted mine, haha…such a diva. Mike and I reminisced about the time we went to Coldstone after a wrestling meet….it was the first time I rode with him anywhere. I remember telling my dad who I was riding with and he looked at Mike like he was dead. Haha….we’ve come a ways.

Sundays and Marathon Training

Sundays are usually a relaxing fun day for us Swanson’s. We sleep in, make breakfast, and then head to early church in Siloam. After church, we head to the Dee’s so that Meag and I can get a morning run in before it gets to hot.  Rome and Sloane go swimming ….they are getting to be such great friends.

Tried french braids….she looks so grown up.
I have decided to run a half marathon this September. It has been a goal of mine for a long time, but just not possible with school. I pulled my sister into running with me, and it has been a blast. I couldn’t be more proud of her. We try to run together a couple days a week, and cross train and run the other days on our own.
It’s a challenge with a kiddo and working full time, but that’s no excuse. I try to find ways to exercise while not missing out on family time….even if that means waking up before the sun:)  I have been biking for cross training with Sloane and she loves it. I push the jogger a couple of the other days and she enjoys that as well. I think it is such a great example for kiddos to see parents active/exercising. I know that growing up with a very active family has shaped me into choosing a career that promotes that:)

As you can see, running in Arkansas can be quite an adventure. If it isn’t hills, its wildlife, or walls and walls of thick forest.