Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Growin' up

We have had a great experience going to church in Siloam. Sloane walks in the door and introduces herself to.....everyone:) There was one Sunday where she decided to tell everyone she was 2 over and over. We dropped her off at Sunday School this past Sunday and heard her intro to another little boy as they were eating donuts cute!

Sloane playing dress up as a gangsta butterfly. We randomly find her coming out of her room as a new character....very entertaining!
Cheesin' on the way to church....Sloaney smile. 
Looking in the mirror....getting ready for church. She always has to look after her hair is styled.

Sweet moments

I don't know who she gets her goofball-ness from, haha.
Love this guy:)
Bosu ball-fun new birthday present. I love coming up with new exercises. Sloane loves to use it as a tramp:)

Meal times

This past week we had a chance to make 3 meals from the farmers market. It was wonderful to have all the ingredients on hand and something fun to do together. Sloane even loved participating in making banana quesadillas....or eating the bananas off:) 

Love our little goofball
She liked 'em!