Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crazy week turns out to be a blessing!

The Dees' had to take off for the week which left us scrambling with figuring out what to do with Sloane.  Mike goes to stores 3 days of the week and to the office 2 days. This made 3 of the days "daddy days" with Mike catching up on stores before/after my work day. It was actually a great week. Sloane got quality time with daddy during the day and me in the evenings. Sloane and I got to go watch Mike and see what all he does one of the nights. There is a lot that goes into the business side of the Walmart world! I had to take off a day to let Mike get caught up in the office before he leaves for Cali on Monday. 

 We try to take Sloane to the library often. She looks forward to picking out books. We read them over and over and over until the week is up. This girl loves to read! Mike took Sloane to the library one of the days. This is her watching the ducks. 
 Playing a Dora game.
 She even got a donut because she was such a good girl when they left. 
 Sloane and I having a picnic at the park. We had a blast hanging out on a beautiful Fall day! 

 This new park is our new favorite place to go. Everytime I tell her it's time to leave she says, "Ok mommy, maybe park morrow." She is such a good girl. 
Shopping at one of our fav places, Target! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon

After training for the past 12 weeks, my sister and I completed our first 1/2 marathon. I have had a goal to complete a 1/2 for a long time and it felt so great to accomplish it. 

The 12 weeks of training were fun yet hard at times. We had a crosstraining day, hills, intervals, tempo runs, and long runs. I looked forward to our Saturday long runs the most. We would get up and be on the trails by 6 a.m. They were such fun runs with lots of girl time. Interval training and hills during the week were tough. They were about 6 miles for several weeks. The toughest part was finding time to get it in while working full time/having supper ready for Sloane and Mike as soon as I got home from work. There is something to be said about my hubby....I have a super hubby:) He knows that when I have a goal, I am not happy until it's completed:) He helped a lot so I could sneek out and get a run in. Several times when I was tired and not looking forward to a long run after work, he would come meet me on the trails and run the last half of my run. This was so encouraging to me. There was one Saturday when we substituted 9 miles for 13.1 to give us some confidence. We ran the hogeye half route in Fayetteville. This was through the campus of U of A with lots and LOTS of hills. It was tough, but great to run a hard course. We kept telling ourselves Wichita wouldn't be as bad and it wasn't. The last couple weeks we backed off in mileage and I was able to get my runs in before work in the morning. I would be running on the trails by 4:45 a.m. Crazy but it felt great to get it done and not miss out on Sloane time! 
Meagan and I left around 2 on Friday to head to Wichita to pick up our packets. We had a fun and eventful mommy/sister drive. Kids were crazy and we had some great laughs. 
 This was the view from our hotel room with the river and trail we ran. There was a baseball game going on both nights and we could watch from our hotel. 

 My mom and dad and Jaydon came down from NE to watch. So different for these wrestling parents to watch a half marathon. We jokingly told them we had to keep up with our intense wrestling bro's somehow:)
 Before the these 2.
 This little girl is such a sweetheart. By the end of training, everytime I'd put my running shoes on she would say, "mama go running". I tried to take her with as much as possible.

 Love this girl. Can't say enough how proud of her I am. She did so great! 

 Getting ready to start. Laughing at Tyler who yelled run faster as soon as it started. 

 Sloane with Uncle Jaydon
 This was between mile 5-6. Meagan had just said wouldn't it be cool if our fans were here. I looked up and said look there they are! So fun!
 We took shotbloks and sport beans throughout and grabbed water a few times. I learned a lot about marathons/electrolytes in school, and it's just better to be smart about it. 

Fan crew

 We decided to take a pic after every mile. This was tricky while running but gave us something to do. By the end, one of us had to sprint ahead and stand by 11 and 12. Haha
 Getting closer to the finish. Meagan had told me she wasn't feeling well and was getting chilled. I looked at her and handed her sport beans. I told her we're not fainting...we've come this far. We worked on breathing and she was doing a little better. We were getting closer to the finish and I was ready to kick it. I told her that when she was ready, kick it and I'll follow. She told me to go ahead but I didn't want to. We'd done all of our training together and I didn't want to leave her now. 

 The big fun to do with my sister!! 

 My mom....taking great pictures.

 This race was for cancer. We had recently found out about our cousin, Ethans journey through brain cancer. This boy is strong and courageous in his journey. Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Labor Day and Potty Training Adventures

We decided to stay home over labor day weekend and potty train. I chose this weekend because it meant an extra day off of work to get the job done. I had tried training Sloane before she was 2 and she was definitely not ready. She is very strong-willed....she would go in the bathroom and slam the seat down and say no mama. Haha. This time around I knew she was ready. She had gone a few times totally at her own initiative (she has a bathroom connected to her room which is quite handy in this stage). She even would go take her diaper off and put undies on. I don't care how awesome of a mom you think you are or how awesome your kid is....when they're not ready, they're not. Not worth it to fight a battle:) We started Saturday morning, I explained what we were doing and put big girl pants on her. We worked on keeping Dora dry. She blew my mind how quick she picked it up....she started telling me when she needed to go. She had 2 accidents the first day. I really enjoyed this whole process....loved the giggles when she would go and mom and dad would do a potty dance!

 She did so Monday we decided to go shopping and out to chick-fil-a for lunch.  She even went in the store. She is a little rockstar:) (sweet pic of daddy holding her completely exhausted)   

 Sloane's #2 BIG reward. She decided to breakdance in her big girl shoes:)

 Mike had a chance to go golf on Monday. He came and picked us up on the cart and we got to watch a few holes.  

The Dee's went on a date on Monday night. We got to watch Rome and Gray. Rome and Sloane made a cake and got to decorate it. Cake Boss has nothing on them:) 

Princess or Tomboy?

My sister Meagan has been watching Sloane since we moved here. This means lots of quality times with boy cousins.  Mike and I have noticed a change in our sweet little girl. This includes random laser, truck, monster "boy" noises. We also found her watching spiderman on "flix" (netflix). She also has been picking up sports a lot quicker. She got home one day and got out her baseball bat/tee and hit the ball and ran the bases. So cute....wouldn't want her any other way:)

 Sloane karate choppin mom

 Gma S....made Sloane a beautiful chevron quilt. She loves it!

 Almost ready for family bike rides...can't wait to hit the trails!:)

 Love this pic....Sloane picked out her whole outfit:)