Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crazy week turns out to be a blessing!

The Dees' had to take off for the week which left us scrambling with figuring out what to do with Sloane.  Mike goes to stores 3 days of the week and to the office 2 days. This made 3 of the days "daddy days" with Mike catching up on stores before/after my work day. It was actually a great week. Sloane got quality time with daddy during the day and me in the evenings. Sloane and I got to go watch Mike and see what all he does one of the nights. There is a lot that goes into the business side of the Walmart world! I had to take off a day to let Mike get caught up in the office before he leaves for Cali on Monday. 

 We try to take Sloane to the library often. She looks forward to picking out books. We read them over and over and over until the week is up. This girl loves to read! Mike took Sloane to the library one of the days. This is her watching the ducks. 
 Playing a Dora game.
 She even got a donut because she was such a good girl when they left. 
 Sloane and I having a picnic at the park. We had a blast hanging out on a beautiful Fall day! 

 This new park is our new favorite place to go. Everytime I tell her it's time to leave she says, "Ok mommy, maybe park morrow." She is such a good girl. 
Shopping at one of our fav places, Target! 

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