Monday, September 23, 2013

Labor Day and Potty Training Adventures

We decided to stay home over labor day weekend and potty train. I chose this weekend because it meant an extra day off of work to get the job done. I had tried training Sloane before she was 2 and she was definitely not ready. She is very strong-willed....she would go in the bathroom and slam the seat down and say no mama. Haha. This time around I knew she was ready. She had gone a few times totally at her own initiative (she has a bathroom connected to her room which is quite handy in this stage). She even would go take her diaper off and put undies on. I don't care how awesome of a mom you think you are or how awesome your kid is....when they're not ready, they're not. Not worth it to fight a battle:) We started Saturday morning, I explained what we were doing and put big girl pants on her. We worked on keeping Dora dry. She blew my mind how quick she picked it up....she started telling me when she needed to go. She had 2 accidents the first day. I really enjoyed this whole process....loved the giggles when she would go and mom and dad would do a potty dance!

 She did so Monday we decided to go shopping and out to chick-fil-a for lunch.  She even went in the store. She is a little rockstar:) (sweet pic of daddy holding her completely exhausted)   

 Sloane's #2 BIG reward. She decided to breakdance in her big girl shoes:)

 Mike had a chance to go golf on Monday. He came and picked us up on the cart and we got to watch a few holes.  

The Dee's went on a date on Monday night. We got to watch Rome and Gray. Rome and Sloane made a cake and got to decorate it. Cake Boss has nothing on them:) 

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