Monday, September 23, 2013

Princess or Tomboy?

My sister Meagan has been watching Sloane since we moved here. This means lots of quality times with boy cousins.  Mike and I have noticed a change in our sweet little girl. This includes random laser, truck, monster "boy" noises. We also found her watching spiderman on "flix" (netflix). She also has been picking up sports a lot quicker. She got home one day and got out her baseball bat/tee and hit the ball and ran the bases. So cute....wouldn't want her any other way:)

 Sloane karate choppin mom

 Gma S....made Sloane a beautiful chevron quilt. She loves it!

 Almost ready for family bike rides...can't wait to hit the trails!:)

 Love this pic....Sloane picked out her whole outfit:)

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