Saturday, March 22, 2014


I went into to the Dr. for a normal prenatal visit. Our ultrasound was schedule for the following week. It turned out that the ultrasound tech was out next week, so we ended up having the ultrasound a week early. This was a surprise since we thought we had to wait a week to find out the gender. 

Mike was working because we thought it was going to be a normal visit. This disappointed me. I told the tech to write down the gender so Mike and I could find out together later in the day. She was getting down to the femur and told me to look away, but I just couldn't:) It was clearly a boy and I was thrilled. I called Mike immediately after and he said he didn't care he missed and just wanted to know:) It was a BOY and he was elated!! 

Baby's sweet little profile

Little feet

It was sad to not have Mike with me, but I was glad to have sweet little Big Sis along:) She was such a sweet girl...during my ultrasound she came up to me and said, "Mom, I love you." She watched baby on the screen for awhile, and then the next thing I hear is her getting my phone and watching Bubble Guppies. I will never forget the sound of Bubble Guppies and seeing our precious BOY on the monitor. The life of a mom is a precious gift!:) 

We are so excited to have another little blessing! It truly is a gift from the Lord!

4 Months

4 Months

Dear Baby, 

This month I have finally started to feel less sick. I've been a lot more hungry, so you must be growing! You are making me start to show a bit more. I also got to start working less which gives me more time to rest! I'm happier:) We still are unsure if you are a boy or girl. Daddy keeps saying he wants a boy though:) Keep growing baby!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life Lately cont...

Playing dress up..."Mommy will you play with me?"

At a Razorback gymanstics meet

Razorback baseball game on a beautiful 60 degree day 

Never know what we will find her doing next, haha.
Mike did a men's basketball league with church.  Sloane hangin out  with her friends:) 
Valentine's Day
Thanks to my awesome friends at work....Mike and I got to go on a date:) 
Enjoying another beautiful day 
State to watch my brother Jaydon get 4th place!
Always an adventure with kiddos! 

Ike flew in from CO to watch Jayd....Sloane eats up her uncle time. 
Love this girlie 
Bein a monkey in the elevator 
Mike had a business trip in Cali all week but flew in late Friday night. He got to see Jayd wrestle on Saturday. 
It was a fun weekend with family!! We got to see both sides of the fam which always is fun to catch up! 

Life Lately...

This was at a Christmas parade in Siloam

She's getting to big:)
Happy girl...out the door before 7a.m. Couldn't ask for a better kiddo who goes with the flow:)
These 2 are constantly entertaining each other and finding new ways to have fun!

Our little fam Christmas 

On the road to NE for Christmas!
I had to work a half day on Christmas Eve so Sloane and Daddy spent  the  a.m. packing and getting the car ready to go and apparently Mcdonald's was also a priority:)

Mike was on a business trip so Sloane and I had a girls night. Chickfila, shopping, movies, and ice cream....such a fun night:) 

This girl will copy any exercise I'm doing, haha.