Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life Lately...

This was at a Christmas parade in Siloam

She's getting to big:)
Happy girl...out the door before 7a.m. Couldn't ask for a better kiddo who goes with the flow:)
These 2 are constantly entertaining each other and finding new ways to have fun!

Our little fam Christmas 

On the road to NE for Christmas!
I had to work a half day on Christmas Eve so Sloane and Daddy spent  the  a.m. packing and getting the car ready to go and apparently Mcdonald's was also a priority:)

Mike was on a business trip so Sloane and I had a girls night. Chickfila, shopping, movies, and ice cream....such a fun night:) 

This girl will copy any exercise I'm doing, haha. 

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