Thursday, May 22, 2014

Iddy Biddy Soccer

We started Iddy Biddy soccer with Sloane this spring and overall it was very fun! Sloane was one of the youngest in her group (age 3-4), but we were able to sneak her in early (she's almost 3). There were quite a few ups and downs throughout, but the ups sure made it worth it. Mike and I had a blast seeing smiles and improvement following the coach's instructions. It was definitely a great thing for a little one to learn. Soccer was definitely a great sport to start for necessary motor skills of a kiddo so little(running, jumping, kicking, balance, coordination).  

It was a great learning process for Mike and I how to parent/encourage a little girl in sports. The first day we watched a little boy accidently trip Sloane while running and her confidence get crushed. She did so much better when we were encouraging and giving her positive feedback throughout. 

There were the uninterested "dandelion pickin" days, where Mike and I were both frustrated. We did realize it is quite a lot to expect from a 2 year old! They were followed up by good days of Sloane doing everything coach asked without our help. Mike and I have dreamed of the days ahead going to sporting events to watch the kids. Hope this is just the beginning:)  Overall, it was an awesome experience and just so stinkin adorable!:) 

This was the very first day of soccer, and it got rained out. Plan B hang with Cousin Roman. We had fun watchin Rome after Sloane's games too! 
Sloane is excited to have a baby brother soon!
On the way to soccer, Sloane is jammin out to Rocky. Getting her mind in the game....Daddy's idea:)
Had to throw this in....pickin dandelions:) 

Daddy was Sloane's favorite "encourager."

Had to score goals to get "juice". Awesome on a hot day!

Completely exhausted after each day!

Love her face here..."It's just so cold mom." 
Love these two...she sure loves her daddy!
One of Sloane's favorite parts was the running. 

Dribbling the ball to pick up candy....what 2 year old wouldn't love this?!:)

Goofball.....head on the ball:) 

Givin coach a high five!
She loved her trophy!  

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