Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sloane is 3!

Sloane Taylor,

You are now 3 years old! We have been blessed with another year with you! You are funny, energetic, sweet, quirky (at times), bold, free-spirited, creative, sensitive, and intelligent.

We have learned a lot about you this past year. You have a great imagination and we love it! You have asked daddy to play hotel or swimming pool or house so many times. You have asked him to “twirl” with you, saying he is the prince and you are the princess.

I have had a chance to be more of a “mom” to you the past few months not working as much. This has truly been a blessing getting to spend more time with you. I will never regret it!

We have watched your boldness come out, once again, with another move this time 8 hours from Nebraska.  You've had your usual “go with the flow” attitude, attacking each day with joy.

You have been a sponge recently…sometimes taking in too much. You have copied comments that we’ve made and surprised us with many. “Stop freaking out” being a favorite.

You have learned to memorize many verses that daddy has taught you on the road in the early mornings. You initiate praying and thanking God for many blessings. We love seeing you grow to learn more about Jesus!

These next few months we get to watch you take on a whole new role as a BIG SIS! You are going to be wonderful! You are truly a blessing, sweet pea! We love you and adore you and are thankful for another year with you!


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