Monday, October 13, 2014

Oakley John: 2 Months

Month 2 with our little guy has been quite interesting. After he was in the hospital, we discovered he has acid reflux. He had been super fussy eating and my mom pointed it out to me when she was down here. I think I had just gotten so used it that I thought it was normal. Feedings were so frustrating for both of us. We decided to try zantac to alleviate some of the symptoms. I cut out dairy from my diet and it made all the difference...he was no longer fussy during feedings and spit up less after. Oakley started sleeping longer stretches at night...for about 6 hrs and then 3 after that. We noticed him getting "chubbier" which was encouraging to see:)

Sloane playing with her "dolly":)

I think when a baby smiles in their sleep it's God's gift to moms to keep them going during long nights:)

Sloane wanted a baby wrap like mommy:)

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while the big kids are at gymnastics. 

This is Sloane and Oaks at about the same age. I can definitely see similarities:)