Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween '14

 Halloween this year was a lot of fun! The Dees' are so great at coming up with unique costumes. They came up with the idea of the kids being hipsters. Their costumes turned out just adorable! We took them to their church's fall festival a couple nights before halloween.... 
Hipster selfie

On Friday, we let Sloane pick their costumes. She went back and forth between Anna and Elsa all week:) We went to Mike's office trick or treat during the day. Mike was Ron Swanson off of Parks and Rec. It was a lot of fun! Then Friday evening, we went trick or treating around our neighborhood. This was the first time we live in a safe enough neighborhood to go door to fun to meet all our nice neighbors:) We were only out about 15 minutes before we all got to cold. We then handed out candy to trick or treaters, and it all managed to disappear in about a half hour. Haha, we were glad to not have it around through:)

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