Monday, November 10, 2014

Nebraska trip

We got to go up to Nebraska for a week during harvest. We went this week instead of homecoming week since Oakley was in the hospital. Mike met my parents on a Sunday with us in KC and then he came up Thursday after work. 

It was such a special trip. Oakley got to meet so many was wonderful! My mom helped out with the kids while I got my hair done....such a treat! We got to watch Luke in a couple football games, and see Jaydon keep up with his wrestling training. Mike got to go to a Husker game with his dad and brothers. We all finished the trip out in Omaha at Olivia and Scarlett's frozen birthday party. 

Although, we don't see family often since we're farther away. Time together is precious! 
Sloane was so excited for the combine! 

She's not sure but she trusts papa:) 

Sleepy kids:)

Me and the kids got to watch Luke play on Monday. Mike came down and we all got to watch him on Friday as well. Friday was a cold game...the kids and I ended up in the pilot for three quarters but we were still glad to be there cheering Luke on! It is super fun coming back to watch younger siblings throughout their sporting events:)
Oakley's first football game...watching Uncle Luke play!
Mike made it to watch Luke play his last game of the season!

Oakley got to meet so many people the week we were up there! It was so special! We captured a few pics with some but not all:)
First time meeting Great Gma and Gpa Swanson

First time meeting Great Gma Elge
Huskers won against Rutgers 42-24
It was so fun stopping in to see Sarah in her element!:)
We got to stop by and see Grandma Sarah at school! 

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