Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oakley John: 3 Months

Month 3 with this little man was fantastic! We are starting to see his personality which has been a lot of fun! He started adorable! He laughs when we say mama or dada, when we clap his hands, and when he's tickeled!:) He slept through the night a couple times this month which was a wonderful surprise! He takes a longer nap 1-2 hours in the a.m. and a couple naps in the afternoon. Hopefully, he's close to getting on a more consistent schedule soon. He started reaching for toys, and has his hands in his mouth constantly.:) I caught him one day staring at his hands fascinated that he can control them. Watching this little one develop amazes me. We have such an AWESOME Creator! 

Getting a stronger neck and starting to push up through his arms:)

He's got his Saturday sweats on:)
Nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe:)

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