Monday, December 8, 2014

Oakley John: 4 Months

Month four with our little guy was a lot of fun! Oaks started babbling so loud! It's so funny....he complains by babbling loudly and not always crying. He is also very aware when you're around him and also when you leave. We have noticed him being a morning person as well. He will cry around 6 or so and he just wants the light on and is ready to get up. He starts freaking out when we go and get him, kicking and batting both arms and legs. Mike says he has ninja moves....I think he's going to be an energetic little guy. He has started loving his big sis:) So fun to see her playing with him. He just stares at her for the longest time like she's super cool! These kiddos bring us so much joy!

Playing at Gma's house 

Meetin Unlce Ike for the first time:)

Lookin more and more like his fun to see:)