Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas in NE

Christmas in NE was wonderful...

We went up the weekend before so we could go watch both our brothers wrestle! We were a little nervous to take both kids to a big all day tournament, but they really did great! Oaks is still not used to all the noise but slowly adjusting:) I forgot how crazy loud fans! Haha. It was fun for Mike and I to relive wrestling memories. So neat that both our bro's are on the same team wrestling together now! They both did awesome! 

Sloane loves papa <3
Sloane was clearly not into this pic...haha. 
The guys watching wrestling:) 
So proud of this guy! 
So great to see Ike! 

Mike and I got to watch both our little bros fun! 

He napped in the gym with me holding him.  He is still not used to the crazy wrestling fans! Haha
We spent some time with the Swanson's before Christmas. Hangin out and celebrating John's birthday. This was so nice to get lots of good quality time. They even watched the kiddos while Mike and I went on a little Christmas shopping date. So fun! Later in the week we had Swanson Christmas with all the siblings and kids. It was so nice and fun! Always fun to see the kids interact when they're together. So thankful for all my nieces and nephews that are growing up way to fast! 

Chillin with Uncle Luke

Makin gingerbread men with Uncle Luke

Makin cookies with Gma S
We spent Christmas Eve and day with my family! Always fun to have everyone together! Oakley had a great first Christmas! Interested more in the wrapping paper than the toys of course! So thankful for time with family! I truly treasure the time we all have together! 

Oakley got papa something special:)

Love Sloane in this one....something is hilarious:) 

Sloane loves her uncles:)

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