Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oakley John: 5 Months

Month 5 for this little man was great! He is starting to be more mobile....always a surprise to find him in a different spot than you left him:) He is getting more coordinated playing with toys which is fun to see. He thinks "boy noises" are just hilarious which is super funny and so different than Sloane. He started solids for breakfast and is LOVING it!:) We also started sleep training with a bedtime's going just ok:) This little boy sure likes to be held though:)

He started sucking his thumb:)
We had a warm day so we took advantage and went on a walk. Both kiddos loved it:) 
He loves his sis:)

Sloane has been entertaining him setting up toys and being a good helper:) 

Oaks' first sporting event:) He wasn't sure about all the noise! 

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