Wednesday, February 25, 2015

State Wrestling '15

We went up to NE to watch Jaydon wrestle at the state tournament. It was a fantastic weekend. Jaydon ended up winning his first state title and wrestled incredibly well. It was so fun to see all his hard work pay off! We were a little nervous having 2 kids there this time, but it was so fun to be a part of a great weekend. Also, fun to show Oakley where his daddy wrestled several times:) 

Oaks with Papa John

Oaks was pretty chill...he fell asleep watching without crying a few times. So cute!

Sloane did great got to see cousins and get lots of yummy snacks:)

State finals match! So awesome!

 So proud of this guy!!:)

 Sloane originally had tights on but life happens:) 

 So cool!

 Love how helpful my sister is with kids...such a blessing when i'm goin crazy!!:)


So nice to chill after it was over:)
Mid way through marathon training...12 miles on a TM...gross!

This was about 5 minutes after leaving...both kiddos out:)

(More pics to come later of the champ:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Day '15

 Valentines Day this year was pretty chill. Chic-fil-a did a valentine's date night on the Thursday before which we all went to. It was a lot of christian music, roses, and free ice cream. Mike and I just laughed at the kid chaos....5 years into our marriage this is just perfect.:)

Icing injuries after running 13.1 miles
On Valentines Day, Mike made us heart pancakes for breakfast. Then we took turns running 13.1 miles as part of our training. How romantic, right?! Lol. Mike went and got steaks and asparagus to grill for dinner that night. It was such a beautiful day! We put the kids to bed and watched Sweet Home Alabama while we iced our injuries. Haha...this just makes me laugh thinking about it. Love is not always glamorous and that's was a perfect day!

Sloane loved making a heart cake!

Being goofy!:)

Sloane with her heart pancake

Mike hung a gallery wall for me....I'm not good at measurements and he is always very exact! I love it! 

Oakley John: 6 Months

This month has been a game changer...this guy is on the move!! I love to see Oaks hit milestones! So so exciting...Oaks is moving faster than Sloane did. I think he wants to keep up with her:) He rocks on his hands and knees, bridges on his back, rolls all over, and crawls backwards. I think he's very close to normal crawling. I've been working on his core strength by making him sit and reach for toys, and by trying to engage his core when he's trying to sit. So fun! 

He's been eating fruit/cereal for breakfast and veg/cereal for supper...he loves to eat! Some of the veggies, like squash, he's not to fond of but i've been making him try it several times anyways...he'll eat it if he's hungry. I'm a mean mom, haha...I just want him to love healthy foods. 

Oaks really has a happy, laid-back, go lucky personality. He never really complains even if he's past 3 hrs for feedings. He's a pretty chill little dude, and I adore him!:)

We've had some gorgeous days...Oaks loves going outside!:)

Starting to crawl:)