Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oakley John: 6 Months

This month has been a game changer...this guy is on the move!! I love to see Oaks hit milestones! So so exciting...Oaks is moving faster than Sloane did. I think he wants to keep up with her:) He rocks on his hands and knees, bridges on his back, rolls all over, and crawls backwards. I think he's very close to normal crawling. I've been working on his core strength by making him sit and reach for toys, and by trying to engage his core when he's trying to sit. So fun! 

He's been eating fruit/cereal for breakfast and veg/cereal for supper...he loves to eat! Some of the veggies, like squash, he's not to fond of but i've been making him try it several times anyways...he'll eat it if he's hungry. I'm a mean mom, haha...I just want him to love healthy foods. 

Oaks really has a happy, laid-back, go lucky personality. He never really complains even if he's past 3 hrs for feedings. He's a pretty chill little dude, and I adore him!:)

We've had some gorgeous days...Oaks loves going outside!:)

Starting to crawl:)

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