Wednesday, February 25, 2015

State Wrestling '15

We went up to NE to watch Jaydon wrestle at the state tournament. It was a fantastic weekend. Jaydon ended up winning his first state title and wrestled incredibly well. It was so fun to see all his hard work pay off! We were a little nervous having 2 kids there this time, but it was so fun to be a part of a great weekend. Also, fun to show Oakley where his daddy wrestled several times:) 

Oaks with Papa John

Oaks was pretty chill...he fell asleep watching without crying a few times. So cute!

Sloane did great got to see cousins and get lots of yummy snacks:)

State finals match! So awesome!

 So proud of this guy!!:)

 Sloane originally had tights on but life happens:) 

 So cool!

 Love how helpful my sister is with kids...such a blessing when i'm goin crazy!!:)


So nice to chill after it was over:)
Mid way through marathon training...12 miles on a TM...gross!

This was about 5 minutes after leaving...both kiddos out:)

(More pics to come later of the champ:)

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