Friday, April 10, 2015

8 Months: Oakley John

Oaks has been a happy go lucky baby this month. He's cruisin along furniture and has figured out waving. He is very interested in any sports balls...Mike is pretty excited about this! He says he has good "handling skills" haha. He is starting to pick up the ball and throw it with both hands. 

He gets so excited when daddy gets home. He crawls to him so fast and has to be picked up right away!! He loves guys...papas and uncles especially. He will go to them all the time and will pretty much ignore me when I'm around them. Haha

He's interested in anything and everything his sis is doing. He thinks she is super cool! So cute! She puts up with him most of the time! Such a sweet lil dude!

2nd ear infection:( boo! Oaks is real excited about it! 

Jungle gym dad! Oaks likes to climb on anything!

He found the snacks!

Happy baby!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter '15

My family got to come down for easter this year. They shared time between the Dees' and us. It was such a wonderful time. They got to go to our church with us on Sunday, and it was so awesome to share that with them. The guys worked on the deck to which was great to get us rolling...thankful for all their help! Such a blessing to have a wonderful family which our kids adore!

Easter egg hunt inside because of the rain... still a lot of fun:)

Playing with Papa:)



So fun to have everyone together!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Bentonville Half Marathon '15

Mike and I and my sister had a chance to run Bentonville's half marathon this spring. It was a lot of fun! 

The kids and I met Mike the Friday before the race at the running expo. It was fun to look at all the neat stuff and get lots of freebies:)

Love her:)
Little photo bomber:) 

We went to the pasta-thon on Friday night. It was fun too. The speaker spoke for a long time, so Sloane started taking pics of everyone. Haha...she makes everything fun!

Pastathon the night before

Sloane got a hold of the camera, haha

We had friends come to hang with the kids bright and early on Saturday a.m. It was cold and misty for the run but you didn't notice it once you got running. It was a fun race with bands playing in different spots throughout. So fun to see how many people run these races and are disciplined to a healthy lifestyle! 

Meag and I ran in 2:03, which was a big improvement (15 minutes) from our first half. Felt great to work hard and improve! There was a gigantic hill the last mile or so....It.Was.Tough! Mike did great and ran 1:54. He was even super competitive passing people before the finish. So fun to be competitive again! 

I love showing our kids that mommy and daddy can be active and still have fun! 

Love running with my sister!

First half with my guy!