Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sloane's 4th Birthday

For Sloane's 4th birthday this year, we let her be a little girl and pick what she wanted to do. We decided there's only so long where she will think mom and dad are cool and want to hang out with us, haha.  So we had a family day and kept it low key. She asked for a pedicure, build-a-bear, little mermaid theme, cracker barrel and CAKE! 

We went and got a pedicure the day before. She had a blast picking out color and designs. So fun to have a little girl time!
Sloane sat still and did great!

We decorated our "under the sea" party the night before after Sloane went to bed. It was a big hit when she woke up! So fun to see her joy! 

So fun...she did find a way to crawl under it so she didn't have to break it, haha!
Mike made pancakes for breakfast. He used pink food coloring to make designs. Such a good daddy!

Sloane has been into my little pony lately:)
Sloane dresses in princess dresses everyday. So fun!

A mermaids lunch
We went to build-a-bear and let Sloane pick out a stuffed animal. She was going through all the ponies, and looked at us and said "oh my goodness, how will I ever decide." So fun...It's hilarious watching her in this store. 

This store is so adorable. She got to stuff her pony, give it a bath, accessorize, and then make a certificate. Such a fun shopping trip!
Stuffin the pony

Puttin a heart in:)
Givin her a bath

Oaks is good as long as he has something to chew on!
With "Princess Cadance"
Printing a adoption certificate

I don't think I will ever be allowed to get rid of the box...she carries it around everywhere!

Oaks along for the ride:)
It was a beautiful day so we decided to do something outside. Putt putt was a big hit! Sloane started off great, and had fun. By the end, she would just walk close to the hole and throw her ball down and putt from there. So funny! She was also very concerned about losing her pink ball in the water:)
Learning how to mini golf
Mike and I had fun too:P

Love this girl!

Daddy's girl:)

After we got back, we got to Skype with all the grandparents. This was so nice to catch up with them. It felt so weird celebrating without them here! Then Sloane got to search for "buried treasure". Such a fun surprise!

Sloane picked going out eat at Cracker Barrel for dinner. Tyler, Meagan, Roman, and Grayson were able to join us for dinner and then a little cake party. So special to have them be a part of the day! 
It's a rough life...she didn't want to take a nap on her birthday but every time we stopped doing something she would be so exhausted! So cute!

It was a fantastic 4th birthday for this little girlie! So thankful for another wonderful year with her! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! 

This girl was completely worn out by the end of the day:) I think it was a good birthday!