Monday, June 29, 2015

Sloane Taylor is 4 years old!

Dear Sloane,

You are 4 years old! I seriously cannot believe that! The last 4 years have been an incredible adventure with you! You are creative, smart, caring, sensitive, energetic, spunky, girlie, friendly, and out-going! 

You are truly one of a kind! We have seen you in a different role this year as big sister! You have learned to care and think of others. You are very protective of Oakley and very helpful (sometimes bossy, haha). You are going to be an amazing mommy someday. I can see great qualities developing already. 

You are social!! Wherever we go you make friends! You are not afraid to talk to anyone. You have a bright fun personality. You love playing with neighbor friends. You have even snuck out of our house a few times, and we have found you playing with them! You keep us on our toes little miss!:)

You are a daddy's girl! You love playing prince and princess or hide and seek with daddy. You love going on dates with daddy, and love his attention. He adores you! 

You love Jesus!! We have seen you grow in your love for him through Awana and Sunday school and VBS.  You have been asking so many questions the last few months on life after death, and Jesus dying on the cross for your sins. After VBS, this summer you asked daddy if you could pray and ask Jesus into your heart because he died for your sins! This is my proudest of all moments so far, Sloane Taylor! Such an amazing, incredible, undeserving gift God has given each of us all through salvation! So thankful you are now not only my daughter but also sister in Christ. 

I love you little girl! You are amazing! Can't wait to see you grow closer to Christ this year! 

Love you!


Fun to compare a baby pic!
First race!
She loves to pick dandelions:)

Oakley John: 10 Months

Oakley is 10 months old! How in the world can this be?! Oaks is getting braver and life is getting crazier! He is all boy! 

Oakley popped his 3rd tooth through this month after climbing an end table in our living room. He slipped and hit his top gums and his tooth started coming in. Boy oh boy! He loves to climb on anything and everything! 

Oaks started walking a few steps at a time. He still crawls most of the time because it's faster though. He has started standing up form the ground without any assistance. He bear crawls in the grass because he doesn't like to touch's hilarious!(I need to get a video)

Oakley is really a sweet little boy. He started blowing kisses...mostly to family but also to strangers which get a little awkward! Haha. He is such a cuddle bug...he put his arms down by his sides when he is cuddling. He does it over and over when Mike gets home from work. Pretty adorable! 

Oaks is down to 1 nap. It's taken more activity in the morning to keep him distracted, but he will sleep longer in the afternoon. Usually 1-4:30 or so! This boy is growing up! 

We love our lil guy! Our life is crazier than ever, but we are so incredibly thankful for these 2 sweet little kids! Can't wait to see what Gods plans are...

Looks like a little wrestler in his stance:)

This guy enjoys his meals!
We've made due without a double stroller...this is how our walks usually end up. Oaks kicking Sloane, haha. 

Oakley's favorite spot to play at Aunt Meagy's house.
Water baby:)

Popsicles are his fav:)
This must have been right after he pulled her hair or something...look at that face:)
They fell asleep like this during a bike ride. 

I love being a mom and am so thankful for these 2! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sloane's Show Week '15

Sloane's first show week dance and gym recital is in the books! It was a ton of fun! 

I wanted Sloane to participate in some kind of sport to develop strength and coordination; while also working on listening to instructions/obeying and socializing with friends. Sloane absolutely loves to dance and sing and twirl, so we new she would love a dance class! She is such a little girl! This class has been perfect for her teaching her fundamentals of tap and ballet and also gymnastics. I love watching her! It is such a cool thing!

How Sloane chooses to "pose" is so funny!

Dance hair...she had to have frozen glitter in it:)

With a sweet friend:)
Sloane did three dances for show week. Tap, ballet to Fly to Your Heart by Tinker Bell, and then a free style to Yakety Yak. It was so adorable!! There's glitter all over and that's ok. I know this little girl won't be little for long! These moments are precious!

The best cheering crew:)

So much cuteness!:)

Dance links below...

Then Sloane got to show us a bar routine, beam routine, and then some floor skills. It was so fun to watch Sloane! She has gone from being timid and shy to brave, fearless, and energetic in a very short time! 

Front supports are fun but a little hard:)

Below is Sloane's gym showcase...feel free to laugh with us! Pretty funny!

Such a fun class with awesome instructors!

Cousin Roman came and gave her flowers!
They had a play area set up and Oaks was freaking out...he loved climbing all over the mats and a did not want picked up! 
Daddy came to watch and brought her flowers!
Aunt Meagy came to watch

Love this sweet girl:)