Monday, June 29, 2015

Oakley John: 10 Months

Oakley is 10 months old! How in the world can this be?! Oaks is getting braver and life is getting crazier! He is all boy! 

Oakley popped his 3rd tooth through this month after climbing an end table in our living room. He slipped and hit his top gums and his tooth started coming in. Boy oh boy! He loves to climb on anything and everything! 

Oaks started walking a few steps at a time. He still crawls most of the time because it's faster though. He has started standing up form the ground without any assistance. He bear crawls in the grass because he doesn't like to touch's hilarious!(I need to get a video)

Oakley is really a sweet little boy. He started blowing kisses...mostly to family but also to strangers which get a little awkward! Haha. He is such a cuddle bug...he put his arms down by his sides when he is cuddling. He does it over and over when Mike gets home from work. Pretty adorable! 

Oaks is down to 1 nap. It's taken more activity in the morning to keep him distracted, but he will sleep longer in the afternoon. Usually 1-4:30 or so! This boy is growing up! 

We love our lil guy! Our life is crazier than ever, but we are so incredibly thankful for these 2 sweet little kids! Can't wait to see what Gods plans are...

Looks like a little wrestler in his stance:)

This guy enjoys his meals!
We've made due without a double stroller...this is how our walks usually end up. Oaks kicking Sloane, haha. 

Oakley's favorite spot to play at Aunt Meagy's house.
Water baby:)

Popsicles are his fav:)
This must have been right after he pulled her hair or something...look at that face:)
They fell asleep like this during a bike ride. 

I love being a mom and am so thankful for these 2! 

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