Monday, June 1, 2015

Sloane's Show Week '15

Sloane's first show week dance and gym recital is in the books! It was a ton of fun! 

I wanted Sloane to participate in some kind of sport to develop strength and coordination; while also working on listening to instructions/obeying and socializing with friends. Sloane absolutely loves to dance and sing and twirl, so we new she would love a dance class! She is such a little girl! This class has been perfect for her teaching her fundamentals of tap and ballet and also gymnastics. I love watching her! It is such a cool thing!

How Sloane chooses to "pose" is so funny!

Dance hair...she had to have frozen glitter in it:)

With a sweet friend:)
Sloane did three dances for show week. Tap, ballet to Fly to Your Heart by Tinker Bell, and then a free style to Yakety Yak. It was so adorable!! There's glitter all over and that's ok. I know this little girl won't be little for long! These moments are precious!

The best cheering crew:)

So much cuteness!:)

Dance links below...

Then Sloane got to show us a bar routine, beam routine, and then some floor skills. It was so fun to watch Sloane! She has gone from being timid and shy to brave, fearless, and energetic in a very short time! 

Front supports are fun but a little hard:)

Below is Sloane's gym showcase...feel free to laugh with us! Pretty funny!

Such a fun class with awesome instructors!

Cousin Roman came and gave her flowers!
They had a play area set up and Oaks was freaking out...he loved climbing all over the mats and a did not want picked up! 
Daddy came to watch and brought her flowers!
Aunt Meagy came to watch

Love this sweet girl:)

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