Monday, June 29, 2015

Sloane Taylor is 4 years old!

Dear Sloane,

You are 4 years old! I seriously cannot believe that! The last 4 years have been an incredible adventure with you! You are creative, smart, caring, sensitive, energetic, spunky, girlie, friendly, and out-going! 

You are truly one of a kind! We have seen you in a different role this year as big sister! You have learned to care and think of others. You are very protective of Oakley and very helpful (sometimes bossy, haha). You are going to be an amazing mommy someday. I can see great qualities developing already. 

You are social!! Wherever we go you make friends! You are not afraid to talk to anyone. You have a bright fun personality. You love playing with neighbor friends. You have even snuck out of our house a few times, and we have found you playing with them! You keep us on our toes little miss!:)

You are a daddy's girl! You love playing prince and princess or hide and seek with daddy. You love going on dates with daddy, and love his attention. He adores you! 

You love Jesus!! We have seen you grow in your love for him through Awana and Sunday school and VBS.  You have been asking so many questions the last few months on life after death, and Jesus dying on the cross for your sins. After VBS, this summer you asked daddy if you could pray and ask Jesus into your heart because he died for your sins! This is my proudest of all moments so far, Sloane Taylor! Such an amazing, incredible, undeserving gift God has given each of us all through salvation! So thankful you are now not only my daughter but also sister in Christ. 

I love you little girl! You are amazing! Can't wait to see you grow closer to Christ this year! 

Love you!


Fun to compare a baby pic!
First race!
She loves to pick dandelions:)

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