Saturday, July 11, 2015

Oakley John: 11 Months

Oakley John is 11 Months...Almost 1 year. Time is going way to fast!!

Unfortunately, this month has been a month of sickness for this lil bud! He's been teething, had hand foot and mouth virus, croup, and a couple of ear infections all back to back:( It's just the phase of life we're in but it can sure be frustrating! He's been a sweet boy through it all. He continues sleeping though the night just has been more irritable throughout the day. He's a trooper!

We've definitely seen him be more boy lately. He loves to wrestle and pick on his sister:) She'll just be sitting on the floor and he will go up and sit on her and tackle her. It's pretty funny. 

He's been jabbering a lot more! We go into the produce section in the grocery store and he says "nana nana" constantly...yes, Oaks we'll get bananas! Along with mama and ba for ball! Fun to watch his little personality come out. 

Silly kid:)

Trying to get grocery shopping done...he does not like being confined any more, haha. 

Favorite hide out spot:)
Waffles are a new fav!

Cuddles with daddy!

At the dr....he's not impressed!

My little buddy! 

Here's Oakley walking...

Crazy baby...



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