Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Soccer '15

Fall soccer was a lot of fun! This was the first league she's been in where it's been 3 on 3 in a game setting. This made it more competitive and a lot of fun to watch! 

We saw her confidence grow throughout the season. It's a crazy thing to watch a little girl without much confidence through sports. I can see how important it is to stay positive and encourage!  She started very timid afraid to steal the ball. By the end of the season, she was very very close to scoring a goal! 

We really want to her to learn how to try hard, encourage teammates, and  listen and obey the coach through sports. It's more important than winning or being the best to us. 

Oakley wanted to be on the field every single game! This was an adventure. I brought a ball that he would kick on the side lines every game. 

Overall, it was a lot of great family nights watching soccer! 
At fall soccer kickoff 

I wouldn't let Oaks jump with the big kids, haha!

<3 this cute cute age!! 

Soccer got canceled due to wet fields so we "tailgated" 

He wanted to be on the field so bad!! 

Mike coached a few games

Short girl probs;)

Mike got Sloane a "rarity" because she tried hard and was very close to scoring a goal her last game! 


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