Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oakley John is 2!!

Oakley John, 

You are 2 years old! You are a sweet sweet boy with lots of personality! You love your puppy and football blankie! You love buzz and woody cowboy! You recently started loving "spidey" and mommy and daddy have no idea where you learned about super-heros! Your favorite color is blue and your show of choice is Paw Patrols! You started folding your hands to pray at meals, and you still don't like leaving mommy and daddy at church nursery. You love your sissy! You call her "sissy" or "sunny". You got tubes in your ears at 14 months and have been saying new words ever since! You love playing with any type of sports balls and you try to get on your sissy's soccer field or softball field any chance you get! 

We love you, sweet boy! We pray you grow up to love Jesus and live for him!

Happy 2nd birthday! 

Mommy and Daddy 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Oakley is 2!

We spent Oakley's 2nd birthday up in Nebraska. His birthday fell over the olympics, so we had an olympic watching party. Mike's parents and grandparents and Aunt Trish and my grandparents all came over to hang out and watch together! It was perfect! 

Ne corn

Getting some USA gear 

Spiderman cookie 

Haha it is hard to get a good pic! 

Can't believe he is 2 !

Sweet boy!