Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall '16

Home depot buddy

Reagan stayed with us for a few days

first cavity fillings...she did great!

Oaks buddy by her side for a kindergarten check up
Swanson vaca to Branson, MO.

Vintage Market Days

NE visit for homecoming

Showin the kids where mommy and daddy met! 

Fall mommy bootcamp

Finding rocks

pumpkin patch

Trick or treating at daddy's work 

Fun with friends at a football game in Joplin. Helicopter candy drop.

Church trunk or treat

Sport skills with Oaks

Decorated for festival of tables 

My favorite one that someone shared(:

She's 30!

Potty training with Oaks...He has some wins but we'll try again in a few months! 

Pictionary at Awana

Oaks put Sloane MLP in the toilet, haha!

Stopped at Cabelas on the way up to thanksgiving in NE!

Sharing her scrapbook!