Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring '17

Rocks for our garden

Fly killin' outfits, haha

Oaks rocked the dentist thanks to daddy bein there, haha

Mike and Luke got to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua over spring break. It was a very neat trip and so fun for brothers to experience it together. Heres what the kids and I did while they were gone...

Lunch dates

Target...Oaks broke his zipper, haha


Someone "egged" our yard with one empty egg for the empty tomb. So cute!

Oaks had to stop and unwrap along the way, haha

First time fishin

Crazy hair day at Awana

Sloane stayin on the sunny side

We had a crazy flood

Lunch at daddy's work

Fun day on the Lake with friends

Hike at devils den

 We went up to Nebraska for Jaydon's graduation. We are so proud of him!! 

We came back with a is surprising, haha. 

So proud of Jayd!

Oaks found a way to keep the smoke out of his eyes! 

Sloane is Thor's favoite

Muddy buddies!

Oaks knows how to eat a hershey bar(: #getinmybelly

"He's my fwend mommy" -oaks

Playin in the creek

First swim of the season

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