Thursday, July 27, 2017

Baby 3...2nd trimester.

I seriously can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! Keeping up with 2 littles who no longer nap and like to go go go all the time has been a challenge. I have been grateful for Mike's help so much! Summer has been really fun though! We spend most afternoons outside swimming or doing something and then I don't realize how tired I am, haha. 

Overall, I have felt pretty good. I did have low hemoglobin, which adding extra iron has helped with. I did not pass my first gestational diabetes test, so I did the 3 hr and passed that one. I'm trying to go to the gym a few days a week and go on walks when possible.

Sloane and Oakley have been so sweet anticipating baby! Sloane is so sweet and says goodnight to baby every night. Oakley calls baby robin and himself batman, haha. 

We are so excited to meet this little guy soon! 
Date night

22 weeks 
Projects for the boys room

25 shelf stage 
Maternity pics by Cherissa Roebuck. 30 weeks 

Summer 2017

We love summer!!! It is seriously my favorite season!! Love to be outside and find new things to do!! (:

Oaks has been picking his own clothes. It is so funny to see what he comes out with! Water shoes, haha. 

National donut day means donuts for dinner, haha. 

We spent a weekend camping at devils den. It was the beginning of June and cool in the mornings. We were grateful for that! It was fun and there was lots to do! 

Early birthday present 

Summer buzz cut

Couple of new projects for the boys room 

VBS week...I helped teach a kindergarten class which meant Oaks and Sloane could go to their class each day. It was a lot of fun! Oakley was pretty apprehensive to go each day, but it was good! 

Our life lately....Mike started grad school.  A couple classes this summer is keeping him busy! 

Daddy came to have a chat with the boy after a difficult fit/attitude in walmart. 

Gardening...Oakley is so excited to check for new produce. Even the ripe ones, haha

Kids did so well during a 3 hour gestational diabetes test

4th of July...our kids are scaredy cats!! Haha We went to out neighborhood block party, but it was to loud and scary for the kids. They wanted to be inside all day of the 4th because of the booms, haha. 

Summer pregnancy means living at the pool! We love to be outside! Oakley has gotten a little more brave this summer, and Sloane improved during swim lessons. 

Back to school can she be startin Kindergarten?! 

My family came down for a quick summer trip before Jaydon went off to college. My brothers stayed with us and we had a lot of fun playing with the dog, going to the lake, and eating at a restaurant on the dock. 

Fun night of kids bowl free...It was so funny! 

Teachin city kids how to husk cornf

Baby girl Dees shower

Friendship bracelets 

 Day trip to Tulsa to celebrate my birthday. It was hot hot hot! Indoor aquarium and dinner at a favorite of ours Texas roadhouse.(: Loved spending the day with my little family!

We had a cousin sleepover and a surprise water balloon fight. It was hilarious! 

Ted and Kati came down for a weekend. I had a baby shower and we enjoyed time hanging out. 

Isaac came for a visit. We went to the Benton county fair. It was a lot of fun. 

We were walking around the county fair with Oakley riding on Mike's shoulders.
Mike: Oakley, do you need to go to the bathroom?
Oakley: Nope
(Starting to feel warm liquid running down his back)
Mike: You sure?
Oakley: Yep

Back to school haircut 

Last baby visit before Sloane starts school 


Last swim of the summer